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Multiple Game Engines

Supports multiple game engines, including Minecraft, Counter Strike, San Andreas Multiplayer, Rust and many more..

Servers Statistics

Coming with advanced servers statistics like Voting Charts, Dynamic Banners, Comments, Favorites and much more..

Easy to Set Up

Easy and straight to the point set up / installation with documentation included.


It doesn't just work and have many features, it's also good looking and responsive for any device.


It's a money maker ! It comes with an automatic payment system that you can easily set up and get paid through PayPal

Admin Panel

Admin panel is feature-rich, all you need to do as an admin / owner is available in the admin panel. Check out the demo to see for yourself.

Dedication & love

Over 1000 clients on our listing products, see what are they saying below

Premium Servers List Tracker

Password: admin

or for $19

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phpServersList Demo

Username: admin
Password: admin

or for $19

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Minecraft Servers List Demo

Username: admin
Password: admin

or for $19

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Frequently asked questions

Can't add server, keeps saying it is offline

Make sure:

  • your webhost has enabled PHPSockets on the specific servers port for incoming and outgoing connections ( default: 25565)
  • your server is not blocking the connection through that specific port
  • your server is supported and can be queried

  • If you're not sure how to enable sockets, you should contact your webhost provider and tell them about this

    Can't access other pages ( 404 Not found)

    Make sure:

  • You uploaded the .htaccess file to your webhost. ( It may appear hidden in your PC )
  • Check the .htaccess file and make sure it is not empty.
  • If the above solutions don't work, please contact your webhost provider. Most likely you don't have ModRewrite activated on your webhost package.