Here you will find all the documentation needed in order to fully configure, install and use phpToplist's Product.

Thank you for purchasing the product and if you haven't yet, check out the demo and the product's page below :)

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Please make sure your server meets the following requirements before attempting to install or purchase the product.

PHP Version php 5.4+ or up installed on your server.
MYSQLi The script was built to function with PHP MySQLi, so it is a required extension to have.
GD & FreeType Library Those extensions are required in order to make the Dynamic Banners to work.
.htaccess PHP Rewrite Module must be installed and activated on the Apcache server.

How to install

The installation process is straight forward and if done properly, it will take you less than 3 minutes to get it up and running.

1. Upload the files

Upload the script folder content to the folder responsible for websites in your webhost ( ex: public_html, www ). This can be installed either as domain.com, sub.domain.com or domain.com/folder. It will work either way :)

2. Configure database connection & url

Find the core/config/config.php file and edit it with a text editor and add your database connection details.

Edit the url variable and add your proper website installation url (ex: https://domain.com/ ). Make sure it has a slash at the end!

3. Import the database

Import the dump.sql to your database which you've configured in the step above. You can do this with phpMyAdmin if installed.

4. Login

You can now log into your account with Username: admin and Password: admin

Make sure..

Make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file. They may appear hidden on your pc and if not uploaded, it will produce a 404 Error on any link you click in the website.

Make sure..

Make sure the user_data folder and all the folders inside have permissions set as CHMOD 777.

Installation Services

I also offer installation services at a low cost.

- Script Installation ( $15 )

This service is striclty related to the script full installation and does not include fixes or installations if your server is not compatible.

- Full Server Installation ($ 75 )

The full server installation package includes the following: (only available for DigitalOcean servers)

  • Creation of a new Droplet on DigitalOcean
  • Setting up the domain with for the server
  • Free SSL Certificate Installation ( Let's Encrypt )
  • Installation of Apache, MySQL with MySQLi, PHP
  • Installation and configuration of PHP's necesarry modules / extensions
  • Full installation of the phpToplist script

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Services Integrations

This product uses different services and api integrations to provide a better functionality of the app and extra features. Find more details below :)

Google Analytics

You can add your Google Analytics Track Id to the admin panel by simply accessing the Website Settings page in the admin panel and clicking on the API's tab.

A valid example of Google Analytics Track Id is UA-22222222-33

Google Recaptcha

You can add your Google Recaptcha Keys to the admin panel by simply accessing the Website Settings page in the admin panel and clicking on the API's tab.

Tip: Make sure you enable Google Recaptcha by ticking the checkbox in the admin panel.

Hosting Recommendation

I always recommend DigitalOcean because of their flexibility from every point of view. DigitalOcean offers you best priced VPS's for cheap ($5 minimum). I've been using this webhost for over 3 years and I never had a problem and never had the necessity to contact their support team.

If you use my referral code, you will get $10 in credit to use for your droplets ( basically 2 free months )

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Q: Where can I find the Sitemap Link?
A: The sitemap link can be found by accessing your website link and then adding /sitemap.xml to the URL. Example: http://toplist-demo.phpserverslist.com/sitemap.xml
Q: How can I update the text on the website?
A: Most of the strings ( text ) from the website can be changed from the languages/english.php file, except some Standard Admin Panel Text.
Q: How can I create my own language pack?
A: Simple, just copy and paste the languages/english.php file, rename the english.php file to your actual language name and start editing the newly created file.
Q: How can I remove / change the footer?
A: You can remove the footer text or change it by editing the template/includes/footer.php file.